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current exhibitions


The Audo Concept is where we sell the works of art that we display around the house. The art pieces on display change from season to season with some exhibitions lasting for months and some being more temporary. The art curated for The Audo ranges from paintings, to ceramics, to sculptures and installations. Below is a presentation of the artists currently represented.

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benjamin ewing

Benjamin Ewing is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Rochester, Minnesota. He currently operates out of his studio located in Portland, Oregon. With a background in editorial photography & print design, he aims to combine visual principles within the context of contemporary art. @benjamin.ewing


bente hansen

Bente Hansen lives and works in Copenhagen and is a Danish ceramists with over 50 years of work experience. Her pieces are exhibited in prestigious institutions throughout the world such as London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Stockholm’s National museum, US Palmer Museum or Düsseldorf’s Hetjens Ceramic Museum. Furthermore, she has received wide acclaim and numerous awards for her work and has been granted the Danish Design Award repeatedly. Her works are a thoughtful reflections on geometry and colour.

The Audo2710-2.jpg

jonas bjerre-poulsen

Jonas is an architect and founding partner at Norm Architects with over a decade of experience as an architect, designer, art director and photographer. Jonas shares his passion for phenomenology —the philosophical study of human experience— and striking spaces, objects and images with clients that range from established design brands to international magazines and private homeowners. @normarchitects


nicholas shurey

Nicholas Shurey is a British artist, designer and object-maker based in Copenhagen who believes furniture should fulfill more than just its function: it should be sculptural in its own right. With a background in interior architecture —including stints at Space Copenhagen and Studio Toogood— Nicholas has turned to making hand-carved wooden pieces that sit “somewhere between furniture, object and sculpture”. @nicholasshurey


sofia tufvasson

After 20 years as a graphic designer Sofia Tufvasson took the step to start working with clay. It gave her endless possibilities and lots of new ideas to be able to create three-dimensional items and work with surfaces, structures and shadows. In her studio in Stockholm Sofia has started making ceramic pieces that focus on unique, handmade, sculptural and functional objects. @sofiatufvasson


tora frogner

Tora Frogner is a Copenhagen-based artist and ceramist from Norway. Working with a range of materials and media, Tora makes organic, sculptural works of art contemplating different aspects of being. She often references aspects of time and space as well as human experiences in her work. Toras pieces exhibited at The Audo have been curated in collaboration with Ofr. Copenhagen. @tora.frogner